Invitation to Become a Sponsor

We welcome you to become an event sponsor by donating $1,000 per individual or $1,500 per couple. We have set aside special seating for $1000 and $1500 sponsors in the front of the theater for the initiation, and for the public talk, both of which will take place at the Long Beach Arena  in the Long Beach Convention Center.  These sponsors will also be invited to a sponsors' luncheon where we hope to have His Holiness stop by and bless the sponsors. (Only serious students who are willing to abide by the commitments laid out by His Holiness may attend the Initiation; please read the Highest Yoga Tantra page.)


Those wishing to register for the Solitary Yamantaka Initiation and monastics who wish to register for the events on April 20-21 will register using an online registration through this website. This link will be available from January 1st, 2012.

Gaden Shartse Thubten Dhargye Ling is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible as permissible by law.

Please consider becoming a sponsor even if you will be unable to participate in all of  the events to assist us in offering the initiation to those serious practitioners who would like to participate. We will acknowledge your contribution in our printed materials. All calls and emails regarding the visit of His Holiness, sponsorship opportunities, ticketing etc., should be directed to (562) 726 2789 and

Apply to become a sponsor.

We have posted a page with travel and lodging information and also a page with answers to frequently asked questions.


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