Ven. Geshe Phuntsok Gyaltsen giving Sunday teachings

Venerable Geshe Phuntsok GyaltsenWe the members and friends of Thubten Dhargye Ling are honored and fortunate to be blessed with having such a high Lama as our New Resident Teacher.

Please join us for his teachings on Sunday mornings.

A revered teacher of the Sutra texts at Gaden Shartse Monastery, we are very grateful to Geshe-la for accepting our request to be our new resident teacher.

Venerable Geshe Phuntsok Gyaltsen was born in Dekhung, Tibet in 1937. At age 11 he was ordained as a monk in Gaden Shartse Norling Monastery.

In 1959, Geshe-la escaped to India after China invaded Tibet. Continuing his studies in the relocated Gaden Shartse Monastery in South India, Geshe Gyaltsen received a Geshe Lharampa degree, the highest degree awarded by the monastery with highest honors in 1985.